Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rain Song

It rained so long
that the rain became his mantra.

Again and again
he repeated the rain.

He rocked and he fell
with the rain,

and his rhythm was the
rhythm of the rain.

He was the music of the rain
and rain was his name.

It rained so long
that he became the rain.
On My Watch

I love this
this is the miracle
I wait for

the sudden shush
of rain
at 3 am

and I'm hear
I see
and I here it

I step out
onto the balcony
and I feel it:

the wind,
the cool drops
on my shoulders

I thought I had
insomnia -

but here I am:
the poet on duty
reporting the miracle
of the 3 am rain.
Maria Pag├ęs

The dancer with endless arms -

Star of Seville -
Fingers forming
bull's horns.

Feet stamping
like horse's hooves
upon the stage.


As the flamingo waits

For the sharp noise
that will inspire
her pink blur of flight.