Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The night was nude and blue.
Blue shadows gathered in it’s corners
and our hands went wandering
across bedclothes and into secret pockets.

There was a warm breeze of breath
from your mouth to my ear
and passion roared there –
like the ocean sings in the seashell

(I have heard it said
that it was only the sound of our own blood)

There was a flashing light – a firelight-
twinkling in your eyes, like stars
like shooting stars -
Hurled wishes -
like blown kisses

My lips fell to the surface of your face
like a bird falling from sky to earth
and my hands fell upon the terra of your body
as an angel falling from grace.
A Human Reality Is Written

Nature also produces a Human Tree. Desire whispers in its foliage.
There is the day which climbs and a shadow which falls. We follow
The path of the song with all sadness accumulated in our hearts.
The blue sky. The constellations of it. Are you hungry, my darling ?
Do you want a sweet apricot for your mouth ? Heaven is truly enormous.
All the Spirits sing. Yea, all the Spirits sing. What is the use of talking ?
There is no end to things in the heart. Desire led to suffering. Born of
Suffering too. A spirit dreams beside a sleeping world. Something
In that twists, and a waking world besides. Winking at the three o’clock sun.
There is value in an intelligble Heaven. Eve’s eyes stare like stopped clocks.
The white stare after the peach she dared. Darling, do you know
where this silver comes from ? This silver was found by chance. Oh, it’s always
Someone scribbling in a book. A throng of flowers stand and watch.
" What is that dance you do ? "