Friday, July 03, 2009


Lord, when I walked with you under the stars
and we were overcome by desire
and we lay down in the desert night,
I fell into your eyes, tasted your salt.

And, Lord, when I was impaled on you,
gazed on your face with devotion,
you spoke of the hard day's ride
and distances you had crossed to couple with me.

I have opened wide as a rivermouth to you
and would have you invade my cells,
my womb, my heart, my head, O Lordy
do with me what you will.

- Paula Meehan, from "Pillow Talk". 1994


To the Handmaid

- for Paula Meehan

Lady, when we walked beneath those stars
and that feeling overtook us
and together we lay in that cool sand
you trusted my eyes, drank my desire.

And Lady, when you sprang from me, like a tree
stretching to the sky, gazing down
from that height with such undisguised delight
I swore I would cross a thousand distances to be one with you.

You opened yourself to me like a dawn breaking
and I would be infused with that light.
My will, my heart, my head, O Lady,
I could sink to the bottom of you.

- Sunday morning, July 28, 2009, Dublin