Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here is the Scene :

The fire is cheery, but not roaring,

let's say purring,

which brings us to the cat who,

after testing my solar plexus

has opted to curl herself

between the pillow and my thigh

and who, after a negociation

which consisted of sly cat-eye glances,

warnings that I'd better be comfortable,

and a few scratches behind the ears to seal the deal,

goes to sleep.

The dog and my friend both sleep

and gently snore by the fireside.

The dog's sleep puncuatuated by growls

as she pursues perhaps dreamrabbits

through dreamfields of dreamgreen

and my friend tosses in his sleep upon the couch.

Moving his feet to a dreammusic,

as he perhaps dreamdances

on some dreamdancefloor

with some dreamgirl.