Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I will do - what I can -
Though my chances are as slim as a Daffodil
I no longer have the right
To ignore the Possible.

- e.dickinson after c m
Prison is neither
Here- nor there- Liberty
They each abide inside.

- e.dickinson, after c m
Oh the ships of purpose balance
On the sea of uncertainty
The dreams of sailors meander
And the shore stands still !

- e.dickinson, after c m
My eyes are fuller than the vase -
full of Roses - and of fear
what's more, to my eye, my heart delivers
India - for you !
- e.dickinson, after cm

Monday, January 19, 2009

Discourse merely the shadow of Talk
tears - a quick tour of the nerve -
oh, but the heaviest of hearts -
sometimes skips a beat.
- e.dickinson (after claire malroux)
To cry is such a fragile thing -
to sigh a thing so brief -
yet - with such heavy work to do,
we humans die !
- e.dickinson (after claire malroux)