Friday, May 18, 2001

Sonnet With Mutations

All trouble springs from desire: the fountain
longs to repeat itself. Sweet song of lines -
the falling water! Small wonder that
we dream we have fallen from the sky.

We dream we have fallen from the lips
of an inhuman singer. Petals fall
from a dying flower, a word, a
picture in the mind, repeating itself

a picture in the mind repeating
a dream, a big sleep stills the mind
unquiet with desire, gestures tumble

un quiet with desire, gestures fall
from our hands. Tragic, joyous,
our hands offer gestures again and again and again ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Sonnet For A Senorita

To be so moved by Beauty as to conclude angels -
Time is in love with the things of this world :
(killing each one so carefully)
wild strawberries, blue plums, bright apricots.

It is as a trick of the light, lending solidity
to the most ephemeral things.
The dark eye in whose dream I sleep -
shines with a shock of deep emotion,

blinks in a sunlit moment of sudden nudity . . .
This is the secret of her grace :
a life that succumbs to a sight of flowers.

The second surprise of love :
that a dreaming word might reach around
and hold her to me.