Saturday, March 29, 2008

In order to believe in God
first, we must imagine God.

Is anything we imagine
in the realm of the real?

That is to say

Personally, my imagination
runs pretty wild.

God is
what transcends our mythologies.

I sacrifice everything
upon the altar of love.
"There is a feeling the body gives the mind
that we have missed something."
-Jorie Graham

There's a hint
that the mind drops
the body that we are part of
something bigger than we know.

The snow
coats the
plastic sheeting
and the ropes

which are protecting
the statue
from the elements;
the wind and the snow.

The statue
is of a man
who is the

the statue
the man
the idea

of the sacrifice.

That a man can be
part of something
bigger than he knows.

The snow falls
where in the summer
there would be flowers
arranged in a wide circle

which is now
more like a
of snow.

You are there
but you are
not there -

you have
into the wind
of your meditation.

You are there
and you are
not there.

You are with
the wind
and the snow
and something bigger
than you know.