Friday, May 06, 2011



The tumour was the size of a Florida orange;

had made him
an island in the stream
of consciousness.

The wake of the past;


the ripples that race towards the future -

now : a still lake
now : a daisy-chain without the chain.

now : a thousand



A single moment;
now : the sum of every when

They said
he was dead

to the world.

He had forgotten


except how to sing.
I Have Been Trying to Tell You

When Summer comes, it brings
the summer sun and, for a moment, you.
Summer comes and, if it's not too busy with the flowers,
it brings you to me, naked as the rain.

Spring brings rain, they say, and the earth is -
and I am - grateful. She fills the air with perfume
and sings to me a love song,
a promise.

I have set Winter aside to consider Love.
There is still the sun, though the light falls
lonley through the clouds
and I have learned nothing.

Nothing, save to wait for Spring,
be grateful for the rain,
pay attention to the Cherry trees which,
in their finest moment are saying something

I have been trying to tell you.