Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spirit said to Dust
"Old friend, how well you know me -
Time will tell my News
To All Eternity"

- e.dickinson
after the French by cm
transl by cjmw
Sharp is his Beak
and Bonnet-bless'd his Head
In ev'ry tree he seeks
The Worm - His daily bread

- e.dickinson
after the french by cm
transl by cjwm
Love - is before Life -
After - Death -
Implicit in Creation,
and Exposed upon the Earth -

- e.dickinson
after cm's French version
transl. by cjwm
"It's not facts that form our Destiny,
But when Act and Will combine -
The Lord would know what we will be
If we were more Divine."

e.dickinson after cm
transl. by cjwm