Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rain Song

It rained so long
that the rain became his mantra.

Again and again
he repeated the rain.

He rocked and he fell
with the rain,

and his rhythm was the
rhythm of the rain.

He was the music of the rain
and rain was his name.

It rained so long
that he became the rain.
On My Watch

I love this
this is the miracle
I wait for

the sudden shush
of rain
at 3 am

and I'm hear
I see
and I here it

I step out
onto the balcony
and I feel it:

the wind,
the cool drops
on my shoulders

I thought I had
insomnia -

but here I am:
the poet on duty
reporting the miracle
of the 3 am rain.
Maria Pagés

The dancer with endless arms -

Star of Seville -
Fingers forming
bull's horns.

Feet stamping
like horse's hooves
upon the stage.


As the flamingo waits

For the sharp noise
that will inspire
her pink blur of flight.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

365 days to the year,
over 10 years in Paris makes more than 3650 days …
so i think it's safe to say ….

That I've enjoyed a thousand meals
and I drank a thousand drinks
and I walked along a thousand Seines in Paris

I've seen a thousand pretty girls
and a thousand works of art
had a thousand late night talks in Paris

So I've held a thousand hands
and seen a thousand dogs and cats
and I sang a thousand songs in Paris

I've watched a thousand moons
and seen a thousand suns
been on the tips of a thousand tongues in Paris

I smoked a thousand cigarettes
drank a thousand cups of coffee
and I've broken a thousand baguettes in Paris

seen through a thousand windows
been through a thousand doors
and I've climbed a thousand steps in Paris

I've been for a thousand walks
down a thousand twisting streets
and I've smiled a thousand times in Paris

Seen a thousand thunderstorms
walked across a thousand bridges
felt a thousand ecstasies in Paris

I've sat in a thousand gardens
and watched a thousand birds
smelled the scent of a thousand flowers in Paris

I've seen a thousands nights
and a thousand break of days
and I wrote a thousand poems
in Paris

Friday, May 06, 2011



The tumour was the size of a Florida orange;

had made him
an island in the stream
of consciousness.

The wake of the past;


the ripples that race towards the future -

now : a still lake
now : a daisy-chain without the chain.

now : a thousand



A single moment;
now : the sum of every when

They said
he was dead

to the world.

He had forgotten


except how to sing.
I Have Been Trying to Tell You

When Summer comes, it brings
the summer sun and, for a moment, you.
Summer comes and, if it's not too busy with the flowers,
it brings you to me, naked as the rain.

Spring brings rain, they say, and the earth is -
and I am - grateful. She fills the air with perfume
and sings to me a love song,
a promise.

I have set Winter aside to consider Love.
There is still the sun, though the light falls
lonley through the clouds
and I have learned nothing.

Nothing, save to wait for Spring,
be grateful for the rain,
pay attention to the Cherry trees which,
in their finest moment are saying something

I have been trying to tell you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One More

- Boris Vian (translated by Colin Mahar)

One more.
One for no reason.
But then, there are the others,
asking questions of the others,
and they answer with the words of others.
What does the other do ?
What, but to write like the others ?
and to hesitate ?
and repeat ?
and to seek
but not to find?
To drive themselves crazy
and to say to themselves "this is pointless"
I would do better to earn a living,
but my life is mine, my life.
I don't need to earn money.
It's really not a problem.
It's the only thing that isn't one.
It's everything else, the problem.
But the questions have all been asked.
They've all been interogated;
all the smallest subjects.
So what does that leave me ?
They've taken all the useful words,
the beautiful words, to make verbs -
the frothy, the heavy, the hot
the skies, the stars, the lights,
the raw shapes of the waves
raging against the red rocks
full of blood and sex,
full of suckers and cash-on-the-barrelhead.
So what does that leave for me ?
Must I ask without a sound ?
Without writing ? Without sleeping ?
Must I seek myself, without a word ?
Not even to the concierge ?
Or the dwarf that races beneath my floorboards ?
Or the gremlin in my pocket ?
Or the priest I keep in a drawer ?
Must I - must I probe myself
alone, with nothing but an old nun at the gate
who's offended by my cock ?
Who watches me like a cop
with a vaseline nightstick ?
Must I give myself a punch in the nose
just to add some colour to my language ?
They've all been interogated
I no longer have the right to speak.
They've taken all the beautiful words.
They've hung them up there :
there, in the place of poets.
With their foot-petalled lyres,
and their steam-driven lyres,
and their 8-cylinder lyres,
and the winged-horses of the atom.
I have not even the smallest subject.
I have only the flattest of words,
the soft-boilled words.
I have nothing but me and the the's
I have nothing but who, why and what
which, he, she, them, you, we, none.
How do you expect me to write
a poem with words like that ?
Well screw it. I won't do it.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here is the Scene :

The fire is cheery, but not roaring,

let's say purring,

which brings us to the cat who,

after testing my solar plexus

has opted to curl herself

between the pillow and my thigh

and who, after a negociation

which consisted of sly cat-eye glances,

warnings that I'd better be comfortable,

and a few scratches behind the ears to seal the deal,

goes to sleep.

The dog and my friend both sleep

and gently snore by the fireside.

The dog's sleep puncuatuated by growls

as she pursues perhaps dreamrabbits

through dreamfields of dreamgreen

and my friend tosses in his sleep upon the couch.

Moving his feet to a dreammusic,

as he perhaps dreamdances

on some dreamdancefloor

with some dreamgirl.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There is Sunlight In the Street

There is sunlight in the street
I like the sunlight but not the street
and so I stay at home
waiting for the world to come to me
with its golden towers
and it's white cascades
with its voice of tears
and the songs of happy people
or of the people who are paid to sing.
And in the evening a moment will come
where the street will become something else
and disappear beneath the plumage
of a night full of perhaps
and of the dreams of those who are dead
So I go down to the street
she waits below, just until dawn
a chimney smokes so close
and I walk amidst the water
water born of the cool night
and soon the sun will return.

- Boris Vian
Transl by me
Oct 1st, 2009
A Naked Man Was Walking

A naked man was walking
his garment in his hand
his garment in his hand
Perhaps it wasn't clever
but it made me laugh
his garment in his hand
his garment in his hand
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
A completely naked man
Walking down the street
His costume in his hand

- Boris Vian
transl by me
Oct 2nd, 2009
When I have the Wind In My Skull

When I have the wind in my skull
When I have the wind on my bones
Perhaps then, I'll believe in the dull
Editions of my future tomes.
How I will miss it
My elemental plastic
Plastic tic tic
and my face devoured by rats
this pair of lips
eyebrows, eyelids
my thighs and the ass
upon which I sit.
My hair, my fists,
my pretty blue eyes
my hooded eyes.
So I bequeath to you
my roman nose
my heart, my liver, my spleen
all my admirable nothings
for which I was so admired
by Dukes and Duchesses
By Popes and Popesses
Abbotts and Abbesses
and tradespeople.
And more, I'll no longer be
this moist, radiant
brain which served me
which imagines me dead ;
the green bones, the windswept skull,
Ah, how I hate to grow old.

- Boris Vian
transl by me,
Sept. 30, 2009
There Was a Brass Lantern

There was a brass lantern
which burned for many years.
There was a magic mirror
and in it was seen the face
the face which would one day be
upon the golden bed of Death.
There was a book of blue leather
where slept the earth and sky
Water and Fire and the Thirteen Mysteries
An hourglass marked the time
upon its sliver of dust.
There was a heavy lock
which held its hard way shut
a heavy door of oak
closed the tower for all time.
In the round room, the table
the hearth, the window
of glass, gilded and stained.
Rats ran in the gutters
around the tower of stone.
Where the sun no longer shone.

It was really terribly romantic.

- Boris Vian
transl by me
Sept. 30, 2009
Life Is Like a Tooth

Life, is like a tooth
at first, you don't even think of it
you are content just to chew
and then, it is suddenly rotten
It's yours - it hurts you
You baby it and you suck on it
but to be really cured
you have to rip it out, Life.

- Boris Vian
transl by me
Sept. 28, 2009
I No Longer Want

I no longer really want
to write poetry.
If things were as they were before
I would do it more often,
but I feel very old
I feel very serious
I feel conscientious
I feel lazy.

- Boris Vian
transl by me
Sept. 28, 2009,
I Would Love
I would love
I would love
To become a great poet
and for people
to place
many laurels on my head
But, there it is.
I don't have enough
taste for books
and I enjoy life too much
and I think too much of people
to ever be content
with having written nothing but wind.

- Boris Vian
transl - by me
Sept 28, 2009,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why Should I Live ?

Why should I live ?
Why should I live,
for the golden leg
of the blonde woman
leaning against the wall
in the full sunlight,
or the billowing jib
of a sailing ship
with its shadows on the shore,
the iced coffee
we drink through straws,
touching the sand,
seeing the backdrop of the water,
which has become so blue,
which has sunk to such depth,
with the silent fish,
the fish that swim
through the silent depths,
flying below,
the seaweed horses,
like slow birds,
like blue birds,

why should I live ?

Because it is beautiful.

- Boris Vian